Pledge Materials

If you did not receive your pledge materials you can print them here.


“Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God” - 1 John 4:7

Do your little bit of good where you are.  It’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world” Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Beloved Community,

LOVE is a verb, not simply a feeling or thought.  Grounded in God’s love for us we are called to act, to love.  This is the theme for this year’s pledge campaign for our beloved church community.

Love is present and so active within our congregation and community every day at Billings First Church!  In this time of uncertainty, anxiety and hardship for so many, our church community has moved like soothing waters, reaching out and connecting with so many in so many ways, steadfast and stimulating, always looking to provide comfort, connection and community.

By making a strong PLEDGE of time, talent, money, and other resources we reinforce others who have already done so and encourage those who have not to do the same.  Pledging is one way we can commit to the work and mission of our church community and allows us to plan and move forward with so much!

Let us celebrate our strong mission and ongoing ministry this past year.  Moving into 2021 the ongoing work of our church community will continue despite all the unknowns of when and how we will be able to be in community.

A Quick Recap of 2020

*Developed and continue to practice online worship, online Sunday schools, and other programs reaching many both within and beyond our congregation. 

*Developed an entire year calendar -journal that is both beautiful and functional and outlines the calendar for activities and programs for the entire year!

*We have continued to develop the “Pocket Park” to completion with artwork and native plantings for the whole community to enjoy.

*Continue to provide a handwashing station outside our church campus for anyone to use and a mission of outreach for sanitizing and mask distribution for the unhoused-especially important in this time of pandemic

*Continue to upgrade our infrastructure with new flooring, painting, redo of our small chapel sanctuary area, reconfiguring bathrooms to be identified and function as gender neutral, increased security measures for safety of all who utilize our space, upgrades to heating and cooling systems, new water fountains, and carpeting.  Our space is so beautiful and welcoming now!

*Continue to host an ever-increasing number of tenants/programs within our campus who have missions of justice, advocacy, recovery, arts and support for marginalized, vibrant members of our community including the Native American and LGBTQ Community.

  •  Western Native Voice/Montana Native Vote
  • White Eagle Talking Circle
  • The Phoenix – a sober, active gym
  • Billings Urban Indian Dancers
  • 406 Pride Resource Center
  • Elk River Intertribal Center Office
  • Mary V’s Cupboard – HIV/Aids pantry, collaboration w/Riverstone Health
  • In-House Daycare

We invite you to check out the exciting changes and the new faces on campus!  For more information or for appointment to tour the building,  please contact our Administrative Assistant/Manager, Morgan Satterfield, in the office at 406-245-6477 or at or contact members of the Finance & Stewardship Committee here below.

To accept the command of Jesus to engage in bringing wholeness to a fragmented world is to be on a mission that matters.  Making your pledge for the year to come is one way to be a part of all that is Billings First Church!

In Community and in Christ,

Jan Hawk, Karen Stainton, Ed Gulick, Lawrence Halvorson, Edgar García and Tiffany Burnam Garcia